Name Arundel
Country United Kingdom
Province/Region England
Status approved
Start of operation n.a.
Input, capacity [t/a] 275.000
Gross heat production [MW] n.a.
Power generation capacity [MW] 14,0
Heat production capacity [MW] n.a.
Heat use category unknown
Remarks: As of 06/2020, the planning application has been submitted. The capacity shall be increased to 275,000 tpy for the WtE plant. As of 09/2019, the project includes also a MRF with a capacity of 60,000 tpy. As of 08/2018, the project remains in approval stage and is awaiting construction. Planning permission granted by West Sussex County Council in 07/2014, final approval given in 01/2015. As part of a "Circular Technology Park", it will be located at the Ford Airfield Industrial Estate in West Sussex. It will replace a block producing plant.
Unit 1
Status approved
Year of Awarding n.a.
Start of operation n.a.
Type of thermal process Grate
Technology grate
Technology provider n.a.
Power generation technology (PGT) n.a.
PGT provider n.a.
Flue gas cleaning technology(FGC) n.a.
FGCT provider n.a.
Gross heat production [MW] n.a.
Power generation capacity [MW] n.a.
Heat production capacity[MW] n.a.
Remarks: As of 06/2020, the combustion technology has been changed from gasification to grate.
Grundon Waste Management / Viridor